Core Exercise Snapshot: Opposite Hand/Heel Touch

Core Exercise Snapshot: Opposite Hand/Heel Touch

By Dan Maio and Garrett Rolsma

Opp Hand Heel Touch

Opposite Hand/Heel Touch Description

The opposite hand heel touch is an exercise that does not look too challenging but is actually very tough when done correctly. It is a great exercise to work on rotary stability as well as total body strength and coordination.

Opposite Hand/Heel Touch Steps

1- Start in a push up position with the wrists directly under the shoulders and the back flat.

2- Take your opposite hand and heel off the ground at the same time and touch them in the middle.

3- Return to the starting position and perform 8-12 reps each side. The key to this exercise is to not allow any rotation in the hips and shoulders, having them stay parallel to the ground the whole time.

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