Dumbbell Exercise Snapshot: Single Leg RDL

Dumbbell Exercise Snapshot: Single Leg RDL

By Dan Maio and Devon Walker


Single Leg RDL Description

The single leg RDL is a very challenging exercise that works on balance and hip stability. It is also a great exercise to work on posture and hip hinging. If you want strong glutes and great balance try this out!

Single Leg RDL Steps

1- Starting with a dumbbell in each hand, shift your weight to one side, balancing on one leg.

2- Keeping a slight knee bend on the down leg, hinge forward lowering your chest towards the ground.

3- Make sure you maintain a straight line from your heel through your shoulder.

4- Lower until your chest is parallel to the ground, making a T with the body.

5-Keep the shoulders back and do not reach the dumbbells towards the ground.  Repeat for 5 repetitions each side, moving slowly on the way up.


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