I am a believer in movement. I think a healthy body is one that exercises 3-6 times a week. But when it comes to fat loss, food is king.

Your genetics, your age, and your gender have almost nothing to do with fat loss, but they are often the things that get all the blame when the pounds do not fall off. It is easy to blame the factors you cannot control, but the truth is they are almost nonexistent in terms of holding you back. If you are not losing fat, it is time to take a hard look at your diet. I can promise you, YOU are the reason the scale isn’t moving.

Where is your food coming from? If you are getting most of your meals from your cupboards you will not lose weight. A healthy diet comes mainly from your refrigerator and freezer (and I’m not talking ice-cream). Vegetables, Fruit, Lean Meats, Eggs, Greek/Icelandic Yogurts, Cottage Cheese… these should be some of your staples.

Keep the refrigerator full and your cupboards bare. A good rule of thumb, if it rots, eat it. If it can sit out for weeks and stay the same THROW IT AWAY!

Be mindful that even “healthy” foods have calories. Peanut butter has its benefits, but a serving can quickly go from 200 calories to 500 if you are not careful. A handful of nuts can be a great snack, but again, if you are not watching your portion sizes you may be consuming 100s more calories than you think.

Logging and measuring food is not for everyone, and it is not always necessary. But if you have never measured out a serving of rice or 2 tablespoons of almond butter I encourage you to do so. I promise you that you are in for a shock. Don’t worry about measuring out your veggies, fruit, or lean meats, it is almost impossible to over eat them. But try measuring your processed carbs, fats, and dairy for a few weeks to get your portions in check. This could save you 1000’s of calories over the course of a few weeks.

Make sure you are staying hydrated. Water is your best friend when you are trying to shed some pounds. If you are not using the rest room every few hours and your urine is not a very (very) pale yellow you are not drinking enough. Once you are sure you are adequately hydrated, learn to control your cravings. My secret? If I am not hungry enough to eat an apple, I’m not hungry. What do I mean by that? Call your bluff. Pretzels, chips, cereal…it all sounds so good in the moment and it is easy to mindlessly grab a handful, or two, or three. But stop yourself in those moments. Ask yourself “are you hungry or are you just bored. If you’re hungry then have a vegetable or fruit first, no exceptions. Trust me, you will learn to call your bluff quick!

We all know what a healthy meal looks like. Don’t overthink it. Veggies, Fruit, Protein. Keep it simple, hold yourself accountable and watch the pounds fall off.