Zach Wheeler with WETM 18 News has teamed up with New York Sport & Fitness to ‘Jump Start to Living Well’!

Over the course of the next year we will be working with Zach in developing a plan of action in this lifestyle change. We will be working on healthy nutrition and training like a champion with a personalized exercise program.

Big things can happen in a year! No magic pills or powders can replace consistency, hard work and solid nutrition! Follow along this year and watch his transformation!

“I finally understand that a weight loss journey is not a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle change. In order to lose those unhealthy pounds and feel great, I need to make healthy lifestyle changes slowly. I can’t do it all alone and neither should you.
That’s why I teamed up with New York Sport & Fitness in Elmira. We’ve launched a new weekly segment that will air Wednesdays on 18 News Today. You’ll get an inside look as I make positive food choices and workout towards a health lifestyle.
It’s not going to be pretty or easy at all, and honestly, I can’t believe I’m doing this in front of you, especially on TV. However, by watching me as I go through this amazing transformation, I hope those of you struggling with weight and health issues will be inspired and realize, you too can make simples changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
Don’t EVER doubt yourself and your God-given ability to achieve greatness in your life.
I’m committed more then ever to finally getting that jump start I need to living well and be healthy.”

— Zach Wheeler