Mike & Kim

“We joined nysf as a couple because it seemed like something we both needed. To be more fit and have a healthier lifestyle. We got exactly that and are never disappointed with the friendly and helpful staff that always treat us like family. And together we lost almost 80 lbs. can’t beat that!”

John D

“I started at NYSF weighing 194 pounds, less than 2 months later I am at 178! With their nutrition guidance and the training classes I am in better shape and have more energy. Heading to Florida for the winter soon and I have the confidence and knowledge to use the condo gym. To everyone out there, you are not too old and not to out of shape!”

Les W.

New York Sports & is an awesome place to work on your fitness goals! They’re great in dealing with all fitness levels and ages, in a really positive and encouraging atmosphere. The nutrition coaching has really helped me learn how to eat in a healthy way. Every time I walk in, it makes me smile. If you want a great, fun place to pursue your fitness goals, this is the place!”

Jim M.

“The one-on-one approach makes such a difference in establishing a good program and the proper form to keep from getting injured. Being able to see your improvement month over month is great, and if it was not fun in the process I know I wouldn’t be showing up! Dan, Adam, Garrett, Val and the gang are great with understanding proper movements of the body, diet, etc. I have been in my share of crossfit over the last few years and if you want to keep getting injured, keep going to those crossfit “boxes”.”