Mobility Snapshot: Foam Roll Lat Stretch

Mobility Snapshot: Foam Roll Lat Stretch

By Dan Maio and Brittney Thornton-Doran


Foam Roll Lat Stretch Description

This is a great movement to increase upper back and shoulder flexibility, specifically targeting the lats and thoracic spine. This is great one to do before you press overhead, it can spare your shoulder and neck from unnecessary wear and tear while improving your strength and stability.

Foam Roll Lat Stretch Steps

1.       Start kneeling with both wrists on the foam roller, thumbs up.

2.       Lean forward and let your chest fall to the floor, as the roller moves up your arms.

3.       Really push your chest forward, as if trying to touch your collar bone to the floor

4.       Hold at the bottom and take 2 full breaths before coming back up.

5.       Repeat 5-10 times.

Give this one a try this week and feel the difference a little mobility work can have!

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