Movement Exercise Snapshot: Alligator Roll

By Dan and Adam Maio

Alligator Roll Description

The alligator roll is one of the most challenging, yet most effective core exercises we do at KE.  You will be transitioning from a hallow hold position to an arc position, in one controlled motion.  This core exercise is often used by gymnast across the country.  If you are ready to take your core conditioning and movement to the next level, give the alligator roll a try today!

Alligator Roll Steps

1- Start in a hollow position. Core engaged, laying on back, feet and shoulders off the floor with hands behind your head.

2- Keeping your breath into your abdomen, start the roll on to your side.

3- Pause on your side keeping breath into stomach and oblique’s engaged

4- Squeeze your butt, keep your core engaged and slowly roll into the arc position, on your stomach, feet and shoulders off the ground.

5- From the arc position, slowly roll back onto your side, pausing for two seconds before descending slowly back into your hollow position.


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