Movement Exercise Snapshot: Duck Walks

Movement Exercise Snapshot: Duck Walks

By Dan and Adam Maio


Duck Walk Description

The Duck Walk exercise is one of the best movements for better hip and ankle mobility.  The duck walk exercise puts stress on the joint capsules surrounding your ankles, which helps increase ankle strength. It will also help improve hip mobility as well as improve flexibility in the calves. While you may feel a little silly walking like a duck, this movement is no joke.  It is surprisingly difficult and will get your blood pumping.  Start seeing results by adding this into your warm up routine today!

Duck Walk Steps

1- In a staggered squat, sit as low as possible. Keeping your chest tall.

2- Actively push the knees out and allow the hips to open up.

3- Then move the back leg in front of the front leg, staying in the staggered squat position as low as possible.

4- Repeat for 5 steps each leg, pausing and actively opening with hips after each step.


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