Mike & Kim

“We joined nysf as a couple because it seemed like something we both needed. To be more fit and have a healthier lifestyle. We got exactly that and are never disappointed with the friendly and helpful staff that always treat us like family. And together we lost almost 80 lbs. can’t beat that!”

John D

“I started at NYSF weighing 194 pounds, less than 2 months later I am at 178! With their nutrition guidance and the training classes I am in better shape and have more energy. Heading to Florida for the winter soon and I have the confidence and knowledge to use the condo gym. To everyone out there, you are not too old and not to out of shape!”

Amy C

“Since joining Team Training in October, I have lost 11 pounds but more importantly I have gained over 5 pounds of muscle and have gone down 2 pant sizes (thank you InBody)! The nutritional help (no more calorie counting or diets) I have received has helped me to change my mindset about food and I did all of this through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season! The daily support and encouragement I get from the trainers and other team members has been so important in my journey!”

Jessica M

“I train at NYSF because the people, staff and awesome facility give me motivation and enthusiasm to come and work as hard as I can! I am a more productive and better person in my everyday life becasue of NYSF.”

Beth D

“I have gone down 3 sizes! It is more fun to wear sleeveless shirts because I like the way my arms look, and I have core muscles that show up on a CT scan and impressed the radiologist! I have more energy and do not think I look 62. I love the greeting I get when I walk in the door, I truly feel like part of a team and I work much harder. Working out is a way to focus on taking care of myself, and when I take care of myself I feel I can take better care of others.”

Sonja J

“After many failed attempts at gyms, diet programs, and personal trainers, I have finally found a place that I can succeed! After 5 weeks I have started to lose weight, gain loads of strength, increased energy, and most importantly I have found me again! The coaches and staff are amazing, the others who work out are kind and helpful, and I never feel judged by anyone! Thank you New York Sports & for helping me be a better person, mom, employee, and other countless things!”